Ok, I’ll admit it – I am a full-blown Etsy-aholic and proud of it! In my last post, I mentioned Etsy as a great source for vintage finds but first and foremost, it’s a fantastic way to discover unique and beautiful handcrafted items from artisans all over the world. I’d like to start a series where I share some of my most favourite finds that I come across during my countless hours spent exploring the vast collection of Etsy shops!


One of the biggest challenges I run into for clients’ homes is finding just that right piece of art that can bring a space to life. Local artists and galleries as well as big box stores may be unable to fit the bill so I’ll often head to Etsy on the hunt for affordable and unique artwork to use for a project. Here’s a selection of great artists I’ve come across in my searches.

Yangyang pan

Yangyang Pan is an Ontario, Canada based artist whose works are full of big, bold, expressive colour and thick, textured brushstrokes. I had the pleasure of working with her recently on a commissioned piece (check back soon for this space to be added to the gallery!) and there’s a real exuberance to the canvas evoking a sense of happiness to be lost in a beautiful, expressionist garden. Both originals and prints are available in Yangyang’s Etsy shop Siiso

Flower on Wall 01 by Yangyang Pan



samantha french

New York artist Samantha French manages to capture a sense of serenity that can only be found in that near weightless suspension in water. Inspiration taken from fond childhood memories of summers spent lakeshore in Minnesota stir up nostalgia for a seemingly “better time”. Samantha offers originals as well as a variety of sizes of prints including large format 30″ x 40″ for great impact in a space in her Etsy shop Samantha French

Slow Breathing by Samantha French



lauren adams

The beauty of the local terrain that Lauren Adams calls home in West Virginia provides a constant source of inspiration for her abstract landscape interpretations. Beautiful, confident strokes of colour in acrylic and oil in a highly textured form give her graphic paintings an appearance of jumping off the canvas. Even more special is that Lauren offers only original pieces in her Etsy shop, Lauren Adams, at very affordable price points, opening great art to both the budding collector and seasoned vet.

Portrait - Yellow Poplar by Lauren Adams



Erin mcintosh

Describing herself as an “emerging artist”, Erin McIntosh of Athens, Georgia succeeds in creating lovely compositions with a play of positive and negative space in her April floral studies available in her Etsy shop Two Elm Studio. Also absolutely worth checking out are a series of studies based on the tension between structural, geometric shapes and soft, organic ones in an array of pretty, watery hues – all originals, and all affordably priced!

April Flowers by Erin McIntosh



ryan coleman

Caught somewhere in the middle of the abstract and reality, there’s a genuine sense to Ryan Coleman’s paintings of capturing a glimpse of something more concrete through the fog of his broad and indefinite brushstrokes. Influences from the more definite line of cartoon and graffiti art play against the softer, more subtle forms often found in landscape work to create a series of very intriguing images. Both originals and prints of Ryan’s work are available in his Etsy shop Ryan Coleman Art

Abstract Cursive - Light Green by Ryan Coleman



kate boyce

Across the pond in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Kate Boyce explores the relationship of her native area in its’ natural form including rolling hills, streams, and even weather patterns contrasting against our own human environment in a mixed media format. Kate’s own photography is implemented as a transfer within the painting, creating silhouettes amongst a composition of gorgeous, vibrant colour. Originals and prints of her work are available through her Etsy shop Kate Boyce. Stay tuned for a selection of Kate’s wonderful prints showing up in a commercial office project that I’m currently working on!

Crimsworth Dean Beck by Kate Boyce




A background in photography is easily spotted as an influence in Lisa Golightly’s sweet portrait art depicting children and families. Originals and prints are available in her Etsy shop, Kiki & Polly, of paintings that seem to capture a brief moment in the memory of her childhood as well as the life of her own family in Portland, Oregon. As a special treat, Lisa will create your own custom portrait based on photographs which would make for a really extraordinary gift!

In The Depths by Lisa Golightly



ashleigh rosa

In her sunny home of Los Olivos, California Ashleigh Rosa has taken to exploring a representation of changes in weather patterns inspired from her past in the NorthEast with a wistful longing. These beautiful, undulating forms are created by manipulating the paper’s own inherent traits with fabric dye resulting in a soft, serene palette full of depth in her series entitled “Forecast”. Check out her Etsy shop Ashleigh Rosa, to see more originals from this artist

Seismic 1 by Ashleigh Rosa



greg hargreaves

Studies of the humble landscape surrounding his home in Waterloo, Iowa dominate Greg Hargreaves’ Etsy shop, Hargreaves Art. Broken down into almost compressed forms and deconstructed shapes, his paintings evoke a sense of calm and serenity that is a tribute to the Midwestern life. Although only originals are listed, giclee prints are available by contacting the artist

Three Trees by Greg Hargreaves


brittany bass

Jam-packed full of punchy colour, Brittany’s compositions are completely unexpected yet exciting interpretations of natural, organic elements such as moss, tree bark, rocks, and gems. This Athens, Georgia artist chooses to use neon colours, sparkle, shine, and texture in a very modern and graphic representation with a youthful exuberance. Both originals and prints are available in her Etsy shop Brittany Bass, but feel free to contact her for a commissioned piece!

Moss Growth IV by Brittany Bass


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  1. Mary Zeran says:

    What a wonderful collection of artists! I am a HUGE fan of Lauren Adams!

    • Laurie says:

      Thanks so much Mary, I enjoyed putting this collection together. I just took the opportunity to take a look at your work as well and it’s beautiful. Please feel free to attach a link where my clients might be able to purchase your work online!

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